Covid Guidelines




We are excited to bring the Upper Madison Street Fair back this year, and we are expecting it to be a fun event!


Here are some suggested guidelines for a safe event.

We encourage people attending the fair to:

  • Be respectful of our vendors, volunteers and the other people enjoying the fair
  • Maintain a safe (6 ft) distance from people who are not part of your group when possible
  • Wear a mask when maintaining a safe distance is not possible

To help everyone the fair will have:

  • Masks available at Fair Central for those who want a mask, but forgot to bring a mask
  • Hand sanitizer available at stations throughout the fair


We are separating activities a bit more than usual to create more distance. The fair is a popular event, so there may be some crowding at times.
Anyone who finds themself in a crowd and is wishing for more distance can generally walk a few yards away and find plenty of distance quickly.